About Primal Boston

Primal Boston utilizes the most advanced information about health, exercise and nutrition to help you perform at your best.

steve2Primal Boston is owned and operated by Steve DiOrio whose vision is optimal health for all of his clients. Steve’s clients include everyone from peak athletes to individuals whose lives are hampered by ill health.

Steve is the author of The Ascent program – a revolutionary approach to diet that has an extraordinary success rate.  The program features education, group meetings and weekly challenges to affect permanent lifestyle change.

Steve is certified as a Primal Blueprint Expert and Coach.  The Primal Blueprint is a system that utilizes all of the best information to help everyone live long, strong, and at peak performance at any age.  Steve is also an 8th degree black belt has been coaching clients on health fitness and performance for over 30 years.

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Primal Boston
Billerica Massachusetts